Mat Workout
John Garey
Class 2769

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Great class with so many fun ways you use the props - you explain every exercise so well and I thoroughly enjoyed your way of teaching whilst working hard, thank you!
Absolutely love this workout but after numerous times of trying to download it it just keeps on failing :( all other videos downloaded fine but for some reason this one just won't, please help.
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Deoni-Lizel ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble downloading this video. I recommend deleting the app and then re-installing it. This should get rid of any bugs that might be causing the problem. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
Great, great class!!Congratulation, John, and thank you for inspiring us!
What a challenge, nice!! I really love that you gradually build up on the abdominal and back extension work. And eventually every muscle has worked Great cues! Great class! Thx.
Omg. That was amazing John Garey i feel great. My abs will be sore tomorrow but that’s ok. Haha. This is by far my most favorite mat workout. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 you are amazing!!!!!!
What is the size of the green ball? Great class John
Thank you John Garey πŸ’œ love the side-lying series as well as the side bends with the Swiss ball- super challenging and above all, fun!
Impossible to have a more complete class!!!!!
Love the Stott pilates queues! Great class with so much fun and variety, thanks John!
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