Benjamin's Personal Practice<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2726

Benjamin's Personal Practice
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2726

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A lovely class for us to see how you execute your practise. You are so right with regard to the body and the mind link when we do Pilates. For some of the more advanced work it is the mind that will help the body achieve the work. I also really like the references to the next/other relevant exercise e.g how the extended legs from footwork lead into the 100, and how elephant is like teaser. Thanks for sharing your workout.
Helen S
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Awesome!  Thought I would take a look at Level 3 classes!  I couldn't do everything but it's great to see what I am working towards!  Thank you!
Fantastic! I love to just MOVE quickly and not always hear a bunch of explanations. You struck the perfect balance. We need more of these shorter, fast-paced workouts for all the nap time warriors out there!
Loved this quick, efficient, atheletic workout! Thank you! 🤩
Susie M
Loved it! Definitely sweating!
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