Cadillac for Weight Lifters<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 2754

Cadillac for Weight Lifters
Karen Sanzo
Class 2754

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Way to go Nora, I hadn't seen her, I don't think, since we acquired Angel. You both look wonderful and as always Karen great class!!!
Karen Sanzo
Oh goodness. Comments now from friends who knew my kids when they were little. BRENDA----COME ON OVER TO PU !!!
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Love it...all of it! Even the explanation of the intent when you repeat one side vs alternate....and drop vs drip! thank you!
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AAAwwweeee, what a great class!!! Thank you so much. İ do hugs every day; and it's like therapy .
Karen Sanzo
Hugs for sure are the best! Thank you for commenting. Visiting pilates anytime soon, with more content, tutorials, lessons and movement.
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I have lots of athletes and cross fitters , they will love this work :)

Great class Karen I love your style of teaching. Encore!!!
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