Improving Extension in Dance
Karen Clippinger
Class 2792

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I loved this class as it was geared towards dancers!
Kris, Shona, Zsuzsa and Elizabeth:
Thank you for your wonderful comments. They are so appreciated. I am finally getting a chance to get caught up on my emails during the pandemic, so sorry for the delay. Kris so glad you appreciated it and I do think it has a lot of value for those who are not dancers, too. Elizabeth, give my best to Cindy. Shona and Zsuzsa, special thanks.
I wish you all good health and strength in these trying times!
I am so glad you enjoyed my class. I really have found that adding some more dance-specific Pilates repertoire enhances dance skill acquisition.
Wishes for good health!
Thank you so much! That was wonderful. It has been years since I have danced and that felt great.
This class was amazing! I’m a former dancer, and feel like I haven’t worked some of these muscles in ages. Thank you for the excellent workout! :)
🙏🌟❣ wonderful  class a big thank! I feel more experienced 
I love the foot and ankle strengthening returning to this this afternoon after a while… also the upper back extension is so nice- I wonder how she would teach upper back connect in the backrowing series to more of a beginner thanks!
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