Rocking-Inspired Mat<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2732

Rocking-Inspired Mat
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2732

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Brilliant - just did this and such a great way to wake my whole body up. Wonderful sequencing and energy. Thank you!
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LOVE this class x I would love to see a few more classes based on de-constructed classical moves. Its so lovely to focus on each one and see how the movements build towards the grande finale!
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My back felt FABULOUS after this class who would have thought it!
I enjoyed the flow; quick and effective workout; thank you 
Me encantó!!! Super clase, super profe!
Hey Benjamin, these short classes of you focusing on one particular exercise are really great! Although I have to confess that this one was quite tough for my back...
I did my first ever swan dive with this class! Thank you Benjamin :D
Alexandra H
This class felt AMAZING for my body after squat day yesterday :)
This was a lot of fun and  great queueing as always!!!
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