Pilates for Athletes
Michael F. & Ton V.
Workshop 2794

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Thank you all for the positive response. Amba, the side wall squat is all about stabilizing the standing leg. It specifically strengthens the Gluteus Medius. Keeping the ball still during the squat, forces the client to move from the pelvis and move the sits bones back to squat. Most of the time they would want to just bend the knees. If they just bend the knees the ball will move. Hope this answered your question.
Yes, great workshop! Idon’t See many athletes but this is good for any one maybe with some modifications. Thank you!
great workshop! The side commentary is great. Thanks!
very nice sequence of exercises! always useful to see so many variations! Thank you!
just one feedback: i don't really like the way he (Micheal) is touching her! i was embarassed and bothered just watching!
I loved this workshop! Thank you so very much!!
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