"Triple A" Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 2843

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Thank you Rena ! Anne -- thank you! Yes, it was supposed to be a real session even though we were characterizing it. So happy you enjoyed it and felt it's value.
Nori D
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Please do another one of these! It's just a perfect session that always makes me smile.
Hi Nori  .. so glad you enjoyed this and see the fun in it.  John and I had fun, as we always do, and this was a real session for him!!  We don't film as many of these as we once did, but I can put in a request!!  
Oh I was so excited to see this class this morning! Happy Halloween Amy. I love this time of year too! 
That was hilarious as well as great cueing. Nice to see a session with a real client.  I sent this to my sister Diana Miller, who has been your client as I know she will be laughing her a** off!
Michael Mary S
This was so fun, Amy.  I always love watching and doing your classes; but this was really entertaining!  Loved your costume!
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