Supine Mat Modifications
Sherri Betz
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I really enjoyed your detailed teaching. I'm a level 2 Peak Pilates teacher but formerly worked as a GP in the UK & found your discussion of modifications of the Classical exercises the most enlightening yet. I teach shoulder bridge for osteoporosis too & was really reassured by your comments. I know teachers who will not allow even the slightest degree of flexion for osteoporosis. I really look forward to watching the rest of your videos. I guess I will be buying yoga straps for my clients to aid hip flexion range, once I've tried it on myself.
Thank you so much for the wonderful information! I've recently been diagnosed with Osteopenia and am trying to do everything I can to keep it from advancing to Osteoporosis.
Extremely useful information.Thank you  so much for sharing...One question only regarding the spine articulation on Pelvic curl.Are we still positive that  it is  safe and aligned with osteoporosis safety protocol?

Thank you so much in advance for the all the rich information.

Kind regards,

Thank you Sherri,
I learned in my trainings not to come to high in bridge because the vertebras are more fracture sensitive then the backvertebra's.
Great to hear another vieuw. I do them not to high, but new insights give a good  foundation. Also nice cueings. Thank you, always learning.

Paulinka , Netherlands
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