Prone Mat Modifications
Sherri Betz
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Anytime Sintha!
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This was such a great series of tutorials. What a lovely style you have Sherri Betz - inspiring me to be a better teacher. Thank you!
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perfect explanations... I liked it a lot; thank you...
The way you explain every litter movement is so clear. You are a very good teacher. Great!
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Great tutorial Sherri, thanks, nice style and very clear. This is the first of yours I have seen, and will definitely look for more. It seems to me the swan prep with hands directly under shoulders requires clients to have quite a bit of strength in the arms/shoulders, like a push up. Would you agree?
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Hello Sherri thanks for sharing this tutorial, really useful modifications.
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Hello Sherri-I'm re-watching this series during the Covid-19 lock down in England so that I can bring some bone-safe variety and challenge to a group of my students who I am now teaching via a virtual platform. They are loving exploring the new variations and it's helping us all feel like we are taking care of ourselves and doing something positive. Thank you and best wishes to all at Pilates Anytime.
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Thank you for your positive feedback Deana!  I am so glad that your are finding the tutorials useful and something GOOD is coming out of the COVID19 Crisis!
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This is great. I am also using the Covid crisis to bone up on the wealth of Pilates that I haven’t made time for while I am in the studio. IDK if you ever come through Chicago...
Hi Delia !  
I am so glad that you are using the time of Corona to "Bone Up!"  Due to the Corona Virus, all in-person courses have been cancelled.  Not sure when I will travel again.  However, I am working on an ONLINE TheraPilates for Osteoporosis Comprehensive Course to be available very soon!  
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