Reformer Workout
John Garey
Class 2875

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I love your classes.  The cueing is great and the workouts are fun and challenging.
It's a good class, but the pace is pretty fast, so probably better once it's been done a few times and you are familiar with the exercises coming up.  Also only a small number of reps for each exercise, so lots of changing up which is good for variety, but can be a challenge to get into the individual exercises while you are busy wondering if you are doing the next one correctly.  
Another great class, as always... Keep them coming. I can't wait to do this class with my clients.
Great class, perfect! thank you John!
Love love love this one!   Thank you....especially reverse teaser, the dowel work, and knee stretch seq, including pikes!    Thank you!
Amazing workout! Love the longstretch/kneestretch variations.
Great class, feeling very good. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the core workouts 
Super, really enjoyed this class
That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!!
Thank you so much!!  loved it!
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