Overball Flexion<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 411

Overball Flexion
Meredith Rogers
Class 411

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My ball arrived. What a difference the correct equipment makes! Had so much fun with the same routine that had been frustrating with a slippery ball. Sticky & squishy are pilates friendly words! lol
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Such a fantastic class - thanks so much.
Thanks Virginia! Great to hear Joni...when will you be in my neck of the woods??
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I really enjoyed this class and I am glad I am not only one who has an “evil laugh” when instructing. Thanks for some great ideas using the ball :)
Thanks Nadine!
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Meredith thank you for this great class- I love your crazy ideas! Jenny
Thanks, Jenny!!! I love it when folks revisit the older classes.
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