Reformer Workout
Brett Howard
Class 2887

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I have room to grow on this one. Loved the pace and and cues were very nice. Good for a day when I have time to do everything. I will do this one again.
Wow. Great class. Fast paced and challenging :)
I've recently discovered you Brett here on Pilates anytime and I absolutely love your classes. In the middle of the Covid crisis you and your workouts are a ray of sunshine in my day. Thank you so much.
Loved this workout Brett! The added side body work and extension made for a super feel good great paced training!
Your cueing and instructing is so well timed, so direct and clear... Absolutely my favorite teacher online. Thank you Brett! Keep the vids coming!
YouareTHE BEST!!!
Insane! I’m drenched in sweat, great workout!
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