Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2905

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Just got a reformer at home last month and this has become my go-to 30 minute routine. Great mix and cuing!!
Hi Linda !  Yay. A reformer at home is such a wonderful treat especially during these crazy times.   So glad to hear you are enjoying this class. 
Heidi thank you!
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This is a great workout between my harder days. Thirty minutes was perfect. Got me moving straight away and kept me moving the whole time. LOVE the stretching!
Wonderful to hear Tracy!  I LOVE stretching as well. :) 
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I keep this class in my favorites and enjoyed doing it again - heavier springs foot work in the beginning and all the stretching... perfect start to my day. Thank you, Sarah! 
Thank you Oksana P.  Glad to hear the class delivered what you needed. Take care:)
Love love love your classes. Your flow, cuing and personality are the best. Keep doing what you do because you are very good at it! Thank you for all your classes. Look forward to them!!  
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