Standing Workout
Ken Gilbert
Class 2902

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I will never get tired of this class... my back & shoulders always feel amazing after Its over.  Thanks again Ken:) 
Thanks again Ken:) 
I just took Diane's 30 minute streamlined mat class 4494. I mentioned that anyone wanting an hour of Pilates might consider this class a good pairing.  Thanks Again Ken:) 
I needed this class today.... Thanks Again Ken:) 
Thanks Again Ken:) 
I've never seen a braided towel before! Do you think a theraband or a yoga strap would be a better substitute?
Allyson . . . when I began working with Ron we used a bath towel that was folded and twisted. The theraband is too elastic and the yoga strap can be too stiff. I have used the StretchOut Strap in the past; however, I reinvested in the red braid ($50) as it is best in giving dynamic feedback to stabilize the shoulder girdle allowing a taught towel sensation rather than the feeling of a bar. 
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