Reformer for Basketball<br>Troy McCarty<br>Class 2914

Reformer for Basketball
Troy McCarty
Class 2914

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Thanks Bahareh for the great comment.
Hi Troy! What a happy Friday workout this was! My mind and body both are thanking you, Troy! Great cues and fun energy made this class one for the faves list for me!
Brilliant! Loved the interesting variations. It's not Troy unless there's something "chewey"!!
haha I love the term " chewy" as well ! Troy this was a great class I would love to see more classes geared toward men !
Would love more videos like this as I was a former athlete and basketball enthusiast. Great insights on working with athletes. Thanks!
Rachel C
Great class! I always enjoy your teaching!
Ellie T
All your classes are wonderful, you are adding different elements but which make sence. Pilates Anyttime should give you more time, we see the same and same from the same instructors
Thank you
Love the cues and comments for my tall athletes .
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