Freedom of the Shoulders<br>Cara R. & Jeremy L.<br>Workshop 2807

Freedom of the Shoulders
Cara R. & Jeremy L.
Workshop 2807

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Shelley M
Cara, I love the gentleness combined with precision of your teaching. You're a really awesome teacher. This workshop is so clear and makes so much sense. You both have put together a fantastic workshop. I love your client-centered approach. Really wonderful workshop.

shelley thank you for watching! I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop.
Thank you Cara Reeser & Jeremy Laverdure for the great workshop. im in the middle of the contents and i have a question in chapter 10. Cara Reeser i wondering if in Swan w push through Bar while we are cuing  the scapula to be wide and upward rotation, the slightly retraction also will be happened or not? 
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