Mat Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2917

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iOS Thank you!

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Thank you Amy. This has been my go to whenever I'm tight, short sweet & does the trick!

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Went back to this today as my body is sore and needed gentle movement and the mental exercise here, as you said reminding  myself to be thankful for having the control of my body to move and enjoy the movement….thank you! 
Thank you for this Amy, after a week in bed with a chest infection, I needed some gentle movement to get me back to feeling alive again. Lovely movement to music, would love some more of these restorative classes. 
Joanne B Kerry H Julia L thank you all so much.  I truly enjoy offering more restorative classes here on PA -- as well as all the others.  I know, deep in my soul, that we all need the slowing down, the tenderness of a calm movement experience.  Thanks for being here with me.
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