Pilates Arc Reformer<br>Anula Maiberg<br>Class 2919

Pilates Arc Reformer
Anula Maiberg
Class 2919

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Olivia H
This was an amazing class! Great cues.
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This was awesome!  I did it and taught it to my students.  You could quickly see who needs more strengthening in the hip flexors.  Great workout for self study!  Thank you.  Would love to see more Pilates Arc workouts on the reformer.
Jennifer J
I appreciate this class so much, feels like the arc supports correct alignment so much, thank you!
Sue F
That was amazing!  Thanks!
Thought it was very uncomfortable; not safe. 
Emily W
I absolutely loved this class so much. I never thought to comment on a class but yours made me want to tell you how amazing this was. Thank you!
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