Reformer Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2928

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I loved the pace of this workout! It felt slow and steady, but also intense. Thank you!
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I was after an ab workout and I certainly got one! Thanks Tracey :)
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Rediscovered this in my favorites. And it sure stays there! Thank you, Tracey!
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First time I've done one of your workouts. Boy oh boy, taught with such calmness but hey I was sweating way before you cued it ;)  Thank you for a tough challenging but fun workout.......  Can't wait to make my husband do it with me ;) 
Tracy awesome, I have lots of workouts on here!!! 
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I really LOVED this class!  Thank you :)
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Loved it!  
Great class. Tough as usual from Tracey. She said "beginner to intermediate" in her intro. Ha! Planking on shoulder blocks and the foot bar sawing forward and backwards...not exactly beginner territory! But Pilates Anytime seems to have it right as a Level 2. 
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