New Client Programming<br>Alycea Ungaro<br>Class 2976

New Client Programming
Alycea Ungaro
Class 2976

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Mary L
Love you and your classes Alycea and your books.
Pilates is just a sequence of exercises that work the whole body. That is all Jos Pilates intended to create. As Jay Grimes stated many times in his seminars we are NOT DOCTORS and should not pretend we have a MD after our name. I do not understand the comments you received from Mastenah. As a classical Pilates instructor myself we work with the body in front of us.
Trying to correct or change Mr. Joseph Pilates work is not necessary. Mary Lyon, Lagrange Illinois
Alycea I thoroughly enjoyed your style, so vivacious and energising, not to mention the wealth of knowledge that flows through the whole session. Just watching you was inspiring. It is clear you love what you do!
Rinnie W
Thank you so much for the class! I have learned a lot from your video.
I enjoyed this class and especially the way you cue the client.  I have a question as a non professional.  Is there any reason I can’t do the pedi pole exercises using my tower the pedi pole used just to keep the client “in place”?  I don’t have any spine concerns but enjoyed watching the class and would like to try it, but don’t have a pedi pole.
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