Rib Cage Freedom<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 3023

Rib Cage Freedom
Madeline Black
Class 3023

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just so amasingly usefull
Super interesting and different movement - I have sciatica and it weirdly helped 
Cynthia G
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Thank you so much.  I know my obliques are uneven (for want of a way to express myself) and now I can feel what I can go through slowly and help myself a bit more.  I really appreciate your careful cues and reassurance and referral to age.  this was so great. I will be returning many times to the tuts and this class.  This is so important to keep my walking free and easy as I get older.  Thanks for giving. Thanks PA
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I keep coming back to this class, very helpful movements and a  nice, gentle atmosphere. Thank you once again!
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