Pilates with Plyometrics<br>Layla Khashoggi<br>Class 141

Pilates with Plyometrics
Layla Khashoggi
Class 141

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Is this class okay for over 40s? I jog four times a week so I am reasonably fit. I also do the other pilates classes on this site 
Anna glad to have you here, thinking about trying something new! My advice to anyone, regardless of age, is to take stock of any physical limitations you may have (injuries, cardiopulmonary issues, osteopenia/osteoporosis, etc) and seek medical advice for managing any exercise limitations. This class can easily be leveled down by keeping movements smaller and closer to the ground, advancing to more energetic ranges of motion when you feel comfortable doing so. For me, it feels fun to jump around like a kid!
Hope you give it a try. P.S. Looking at the filming date, I realize I was 53 when I filmed this, so, ya :)
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Fantastic class....will definitely be doing this again.
Cheryl Z
so fun thank you for making plyometrics a part of routine stretches felt extra "nice" after jumping
Cheryl Z
my go to workout your choregraphed it perfectly the time feels to fly. Thank you again
Cheryl Z so happy to hear you are loving this kind of movement! Time does fly when we fly too. Glad you are enjoying it, and thank you for the comments.
Did this workout twice, and it's a great challenge! Reminded me of my basketball playing days with all the plyometrics!
After all my time on PA I finally had the hutzpah to try this today!  YES!! I did it and it was amazing!! Favoriting it so I when I have the hutzpah to do this again it will be here. What a challenging but also feel good session!
Cindy K welcome to the Plyo Party! SO glad you took a chance on this class! And I’m even more delighted to hear you took on the challenge and it felt good. It will feel better each time you come back. Brava!
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