Setting Expectations
Lesley Logan
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so clear, so honest, so brillant!!! thanks for being so willing to share this information!
Brian thank you so much for watching and I can't wait to hear how it helps you rock what you want! xx~LL
This is a great tutorial Lesley! I am interested in opening my studio to renters (specifically Pilates independent contractors who aren't related to my business), but am worried about client poaching. How does a studio owner handle that? Is that something  you outline in the rental agreement?
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Rachel Goransson hey girl, thank you so much for watching my tutorial. And, congrats on expanding your biz! woohoo! TBH you can/should have an agreement etc but you cannot prevent a client from going with a renter somewhere else. Or, an ex-employee for that matter.  I've done several hours of webinars on this topic but a quick bite to get you going 1) make sure you're allowed to have renters/ic in your state and what are the rules (a lot of states are changing this law and most people are doing it illegally) 2) have a contract that states who is responsible for what (payment, late fees, etc) 3) be soo good at the setting you provide and the teaching you do people don't want to leave! xx~LL
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