Spring to Life Challenge<br>Playlist 1: with Kristi Cooper

Spring to Life Challenge
Playlist 1: with Kristi Cooper

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Kristi thanks a lot! I’ve done it and it feels good in my body!
Gave me the confidence to transition from class workouts to at home without hurting myself. 
Anna R
Hi Kristi, I setting myself the task of doing the Spring to Life Challenge while we’re still in “lockdown”!  I don’t have a large pilates ball at home though which I know is needed for session 8 - is it the bulk of the class or just a small part  in which case I can just sit that bit out? Many thanks
Sofia P
I loved it. Thank you! 
Linda J
I'm in too, woo!
Than you Kristi, your 10 day challenge has really got my lazy bones into action. Love your classes. Im ready now for more 😊
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