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What a wonderful idea! Thank you for thinking of it, and taking the time . . . This has actually come at a particularly opportune time--I just resigned my current position, and want to 'rediscover' me! And I am planning on doing research on the relationship between exercise and depression--I suspect the first will help eradicate the 2nd. Learning more about this will give me further motivation to get my proverbial 'stuff' together, after the sudden death of my husband. And 3 days after I figure all this out, your wonderful challenge appears like a savior!!! I knew there was a reason I keep this site as my desktop!!
Oh that is very promising news dbullard! Please keep us posted as the what you discover. Thank you for being here.
Can't play the video
Marie-Claire ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble playing this video. I just tried it and it played for me without a problem. I recommend trying a different browser to see if that works better for you. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
I'm 5'2, is the smaller magic circle better for me? Also which resistance level should I purchase for the theraband?
thank you!~
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Amanda ~ I have the mini Magic Circle and I like it better for my body personally. I'm about 5'4" and I'm not very broad in my shoulders and hips so it works better for my alignment. Also, for the Theraband, I like the blue resistance best. I like them longer so that I can double the band if I need more resistance. I hope this helps!
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Thank you Gia, that does help, Amanda
Count me in!  I am an instructor badly in need of her own advice!   Thanks Pilates Anytime
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