Mat Workout
Maria Leone
Class 3047

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This is arguably one of the very best mat sessions on Pilatesanytime, why on earth do you not invite this good Lady back for more Mat videos ASAP?
Nina- You made my day. I will be filming more for Pilates Anytime before the end of the year. Uncertain if mat is on the agenda but I may put one up just for you. Please reach out if you are ever in Beverly Hills and have a class here on me.
Thank you very much indeed Maria, for your for your prompt, and most generous response. I am keeping my fingers crossed, that you will put up another challenging Mat Video before Christmas! The Pilates World need more Instructors like you.
I just love this one! I practice it once every few weeks and it always unveils a new layer to me. Did I hear correctly that Maria will have a new video here soon? 
I just love your teaching style, direct and concise cues with constant movement. I haven't  been disappointed yet. Would love a tower workout with Maria but anything new would be welcome, you are a wonderful teacher Maria Leone. Thank you
This was amazing, thank you!
This class offered a great challenge for the mind and body - I found out that my practice got too complacent with just the "classical" and "standard contemporary" routines using familiar choreography. Great to switch it up once in a while!
Creative strong routines... routines are short which make them more manageable...
Going into my favourites... More mat classes please, Maria!
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