Oov Case Studies<br>Daniel Vladeta<br>Workshop 3140

Oov Case Studies
Daniel Vladeta
Workshop 3140

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Laura C
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Daniel Vladeta is case study #3 also an example of someone who is possibly efferent? I remember two or thee people in my Oov 3D 2 class in SLC who couldn't balance on the Oov who were termed efferent. Is the band on the head/ball under the head also one of the techniques used for those who are efferent? Will definitely be at your next Oov Efferent workshop--your work is amazing and has totally changed the way I teach. Love and gratitude.
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Daniel Vladeta and Pilates Anytime, Thank you for the classes! I adore the OOV. I had a scapula that was frozen; no one could seem to figure it out. I was in Virginia and decided to search for an Oov practitioner and see if they could get results. Well, after one session my scapula came to life! This has helped with on going shoulder and neck pain. Going to attend the trainings. I have deep gratitude for the creation of the Oov.
Excellent. I've just taken the Oov Level 1 and this video has cemented everything that we learned. So glad I purchased it.
Cynthia G
Thanks to Pilates anytime for making this available to us
Thanks Daniel for your clear explanations.  There is so much to learn from just listening and watching.  Am now off to brush my teeth.  
Hope to have more from you on this forum.
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