Strengthening Reformer
Sherri Betz
Class 3129

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Hi Sherri! What is the toe separator you used in this video for footwork and where do I get one? Thanks!
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Hi Sheri,
I love all your classes . including this one. simple, informative, detail, energizing, sounds fun  all into 1.  wish I am nearer so I can attend your classes
Hi Christina,

Here are the links to the Bunion correctors/toe spacers from different vendors on Amazon. (My favorite) (Good if you have tenderness on the outside of the big toe over the bunion) (Great for an extra strong stretch for less than 2 hours during Yoga, Pilates class or a warm bath!)

Happy Bunion Fixing!
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Thank you Sherri! i loved your class very resourceful for my clients with osteoporosis 
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Almost three years later, it’s still a great class! Thank you!
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I cannot say thank you enough for these types of classes !!!!!
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Always love your videos Sherri! Love the idea of shortening the straps for pulling straps for clients who need that option, thank you!
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I appreciate you so much!  I love your classes, your teaching, the information you share, your spirit - invaluable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Patty Hafen thank you so much for your positive feedback!  Makes my day!
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What a great class! Perfect! Well done, thank you!
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