Strengthening Reformer<br>Sherri Betz<br>Class 3129

Strengthening Reformer
Sherri Betz
Class 3129

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Christina F
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Hi Sherri! What is the toe separator you used in this video for footwork and where do I get one? Thanks!
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Hi Sheri,
I love all your classes . including this one. simple, informative, detail, energizing, sounds fun  all into 1.  wish I am nearer so I can attend your classes
Sherri Betz
Hi Christina,

Here are the links to the Bunion correctors/toe spacers from different vendors on Amazon.;psc=1 (My favorite) (Good if you have tenderness on the outside of the big toe over the bunion) (Great for an extra strong stretch for less than 2 hours during Yoga, Pilates class or a warm bath!)

Happy Bunion Fixing!
Paulina P
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Thank you Sherri! i loved your class very resourceful for my clients with osteoporosis 
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Almost three years later, it’s still a great class! Thank you!
Christine T
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I cannot say thank you enough for these types of classes !!!!!
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Always love your videos Sherri! Love the idea of shortening the straps for pulling straps for clients who need that option, thank you!
Patty Hafen
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I appreciate you so much!  I love your classes, your teaching, the information you share, your spirit - invaluable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sherri Betz
Patty Hafen thank you so much for your positive feedback!  Makes my day!
Patricia R
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What a great class! Perfect! Well done, thank you!
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