Tendon Stretch Deconstructed
Rael Isacowitz
Tutorial 3135

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Awesome💖... love this
Love love love this...just like the musculature of the body, Pilates exercises are all connected one way or another!
I've been trying to break this down for my advanced clients. This is wonderful! Thank you Rael and Cari
Great demonstration on how to teach this exercise. Thank you so much! I felt like I've never been more successful in doing it. I love bringing mat work into reformer because it really does all connect. Thank you for all your knowledge and sharing Rael! So much to learn !
Thank you Connie. I agree, the mat work is the foundation to it all. Without a strong mat foundation nothing else will fall into place, or even make sense. Enjoy!
Thank you so much! This tutorial is very helpful!
you're our real mentor! thank you!
Walter it is my privilege and honor to be regarded as your mentor. I hope to see you later this year in Italy.
Sure! See u soon in Prato for mentor program!!!
You both make the difficult exercise look effortless. Love the breakdown. I am wondering if you might add a level 2 tower video to PA. That is my Pilates Anytime wish ☺️.
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