Foundational Mat 1
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3182

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It’s a little to fast for me. I couldn’t get it to work.
I found this way too fast for a beginner. Too much "do this, do that, and that and then this and that and now lets do it again.." what? 

Could someone please elaborate on the "pull the stomach in" meaning for the exercse at 12 minutes. I feel like when I brace my core, my stomach comes out more. 

Another question about the same exercise..I feel like my feet want to come off the ground. Any advice on how to fix this? 

Thank you!
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Super! Thank you!
Fantastic class, excellent focus for me as I have misalignment from previous surgery post BC.  So appreciate you. 
Would have liked if there were some instructions on breathing with the exercises. Being new to pilates I feel it's something I need to learn. Didn't get out what I feel I could have if I breathed correctly. Quite disappointed 
This was a great class for beginners and to rebuild strength. I've got a lot to work on but I'm sure with consistency I'll get there. 
Great class thank you!
It felt great, but the oral instructions (eg for the leg circles) are not clear enough - I had to look a lot at the screen, making it difficult to do some of the exercises properly at the same time.
After a surgery, this is best for getting on my feet again. Thank you!
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