Foam Roller Movements
Amy Havens
Class 3197

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I had forgotten about this little beauty, I am so glad that I came across it today. Loved it, thank you Amy!!
Hi Etaine , thank you!!  I just love a good foam roller session and happy others do too!!!  It's so important to get down and release, isn't it?!!
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This was a good class and great to stretch out some tight muscles. Thanks, Amy!
Thank you Marissa C !
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Really enjoyed this roller session. Lots of variations I’ll use with students and I’ll certainly revisit myself. Thank you! 
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Great class. Loved all the rolling and stretching. Class went by too fast. I’m saving this!
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Glad you enjoyed this Deb F and Lacey M !!  Thank you!
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Loved this class, Amy, thank you. Great mix of work and juicy stretches.
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Thank you Amy, I loved the class, especially the last bit which helped my shoulders move a lot more freely!
Thank you so much Anna B and Patricia R !  Glad you were here taking class with me!
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