Short Spine Stretch
Diane Diefenderfer
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The next time I try spine stretch I'll want to try Romana's version. Now that I've been advancing, it would be super helpful to my practice!
"Pubic bone and sacrum are key"!! This was a very informal video for just one exercise. I enjoyed hearing about the "do's" and "don'ts" of this exercise as well as the Ron Fletcher version and the more choreographed version. Amazing movement with clear, and precise cues. 
I loved learning all the different versions of the short spine stretch! I especially liked how Romana’s version adds an extra bit of challenge to the exercise. 
I didn’t realize there was more than one version of short spine stretch! This video was extremely helpful by pointing out the essentials of the exercise and how to be a successful teacher in doing so. 
Great tutorial, reviewing the different variations and being able to choose based on the student's level.  
Really like seeing and hearing the explanation of the variations and breakdowns.  Thank you.  
Thank you very much! Very helpful!
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