Short Spine Stretch<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Tutorial 3217

Short Spine Stretch
Diane Diefenderfer
Tutorial 3217

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Ashley O
the 3 inhalations and exhalations on the roll down could be incredibly beneficial for someone who struggles with understanding how to really feel the articulation through the spine in exercises like this or even others that include a roll back or rolling up and down
Katie W
I really loved seeing the various versions of this exercise and look forward to trying each of them myself. I especially loved the cue of sending the legs and feet up on a diagonal like an escalator. I've found this exercise can be complicated to teach, so imagery like that will be very helpful to use going forward!
Moorea P
I liked the various versions with the Ron Fletcher version with the sets of three breaths. I feel like this could help a person breathe more across their back as Diane stated as a cue. I also liked the attention to detail of reasons not to drop your knees but keep the legs "praying" as to avoid excess back pressure. The escalator image was also helpful.  
Isabella G
Ron Fletcher's three breath variation of the short spine stretch could be useful for a person who has trouble extending a single exhale to roll down from their diamond. It really encourages taking the time to fully articulate through the back and get the sacrum on to (or as close as possible to!) the mat before bringing the heels into the midline. 
Solana M
I loved seeing all of these different variations and seeing all of the possibilities of this classic exercise. There is a lot of imagery and cues that you used that were really helpful for me as a student and teacher. I love the image of opening the back up sideways.
Lauren S
excellent tutorial! I really loved learning the different variations of this exercise and using the fingertips as a hands on cue for spinal articulation when rolling down.
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