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Lisa Hubbard
Class 429

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Vicky Andrews when tou get to workout with Kristi Cooper toir day is pretty amazing!
Vicky Andrews thank you from the heart! I put a lot of effort into creating it 🙏 hope you try some of the other RP classes :)
Lisa Hubbard Thank you so much! I learned a lot from your videos, it actually helped me to pass my bar instructor exam
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Vicky Andrews that is a first to heat & love it! Such great feedback 🙌💯 thank you
Sorry, but the guidelines are almost non-existent is this workout. So, if you are not familiar with the exact flow there is no fun to loose your time trying to catch up
Kateryna you may have wanted to try the 'Breakdown Class' prior to this one. That class has all the necessary guidelines of this particular class. Thank you.
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Super fun thank you!
Jennifer so nice to hear that! Thank you so much & for joining us for class!
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Right into my favourites!
Katia and straight into my heart!🙏 You’re incredibly generous and so honored by you! Truly appreciate your kindness & support!❤️
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