Reclaim your Walk<br>Myriam Kane<br>Class 3257

Reclaim your Walk
Myriam Kane
Class 3257

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Myriam Kane
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Joni…always appreciate feedback! 
Mikaela  L
Lovely class and cues. Thank you so much!
Sue S
Myriam Kane I'm so glad I persevered past the second last exercise which I found really hard because that last bit was amazing and I want to do that again! Thank you for a lovely class.
Myriam Kane
Mikaela L thank you for the feedback! It means a lot to me that you found value in the class!
Myriam Kane
Sue S Yay!! I’m glad you persevered, too!  Walking is a powerful tool in our longevity self care. Keep it up!
Wonderful Class..... THANKS
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