Mixed Equipment Flow
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 3240

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Great class. Love the pace.
Great class! The explanations about what works for you, really helped me to understand the exercises better, thank you! :)
Loved it. My left hip also needs more thought after my son's birth. He's 11, and I'm still aware of the differences! Thank you for a brilliant practice.
This felt somehow rushed (I like fast pace but this wasn't it). Spring changes were very unclear so I did not finish the exercise. 
Jutta , thank you for trying out the class.  This was meant to be an inner monologue during my own self practice, so that is why some of the springs were skipped over and the pace was not what I would do to teach a regular class.  I was asked to talk myself through my own workout.  I’m sorry that was confusing.  
perfect for me today! thank you
Lenore Alexander
Lenore A so good to hear, Lenore!
Thank you so much!  Really enjoyed!
Helen S so glad!!
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