Pilates Industry Questions<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Discussion 3252

Pilates Industry Questions
Deborah Lessen
Discussion 3252

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Gosha McClung
Thank you Anula Maiberg and Deborah Lessen ...it's so refreshing to see you ask "that kind of " questions and express the concerns, we don't talk about it often in our industry....my favorite part.." we do the same thing" with a different flavor! All the best and Happy New Year!
thank's, thank's a lot, from Italy. Here is difficult to find the authentic Pilates, but we have many teachers that had learned from the leaders of the method. For me is un incredible gift from Deborah Lessen and from Miss Anula to see the other part of the word, inside the Lessen's studio.  GRAZIE MILLE
I love this “our jobs as Pilates teachers is to replace poor movement habits with good movement habits”. Thank you for the incredible conversation. I am currently doing my Mat Diploma and this is a great perspective for anyone who doesn’t objectively understand Pilates.
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