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Hi, is there an addition fee for this 10 day challenge or is it part of the monthly membership?
Hi Andrea, the challenge is included in your membership. When you sign up for it a video unlocks each day for you to watch. Please let us know if you have any other questions! Enjoy 
Thank you for your wonderful videos!! You explain everything with so many details!
Great way to get me moving each morning, thank you!
Meredith thank you so much! Your energy is contagious, I love how you enjoy the class, I can feel it ! It is my first challenge here and I just love it! Best way to start everyday during the lockdown! 
This was a great 10-day challenge!  I put them aside in my Queue as I will be using them over and over!  Loved it Meredith!  I'm a Pilates instructor myself and love your fun and fairly informal teaching style - that is exactly the way I teach my classes and we have so much fun - people just keep coming back!
Thank you Meredith for helping me get closer to my "former self".I am a pilates instructor with(thankfully)many sessions per day,which has left me with practically zero time to practice myself.The unfortunate COVID-19 quarantine gave me this first to realise how much muscle strength and range of motion I had lost but a few sessions later to start getting that old good feeling back.I am determined to keep at it even when this is all over.Thanks again Meredith.Always a great fan of all your classes!
Meredith, what a wonderful 10-day program.  Really enjoyed your enthusiasm and use of equipment.  Thank you!
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