Marathon Mat<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 435

Marathon Mat
Rael Isacowitz
Class 435

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Ela A
Hello to all the lovely people at pilates anytime. Could you please upload it again? its not working anymore. Wishing you happy days.
I've split that class in two and could therefore admire Rael's precision twice. Your really are an inspiration!
Katia, great idea to split it in two! Take me in small doses, its easier to manage:) Remember, I need to live with myself, which gets pretty trying at times!
Thank you Katia, I have always believed that putting a smile on your face is one of the most powerful tools we have as teachers. I am so happy you feel the joy:)
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Whew!! Feel great after completing this class! This was a major challenge for the mind and body, but I managed to get through all of it. Loved the focus on precision and was able to improve my technique on exercises I normally struggle with (like Corkscrew and Scissors/Bicycle), while learning new aspects of the exercises that I thought I do OK on (like Roll Up, Saw and Spine Twist). Almost like a workshop and class all rolled into one. Mr. Rael Isacowitz, as someone who is new to teaching, I have a question about the programming aspect of the class: I see that there's a lot of spinal articulation and flexion at the start, and the thoracic extension follows way later as a separate block during the second hour. I was always taught to mix in some prone thoracic extension exercises earlier to avoid keeping students in the "flexion pattern" for too long. So I'm wondering if all of the articulation serves to better prepare students to go into prone thoracic extension later, or does it have more to do with the advanced level of the participants who can bend every which way at will?
Ivan, I love the fact that you practice the work with such commitment and an open mind. I have no doubt that you will go very far with Pilates. As for your question, it is a great one. Indeed it is an accurate observation that there is an abundance of spinal flexion and spinal articulation earlier in the session with a block dedicated to spinal extension later in the session. I do not remember this exact class, but I am sure you are correct. Spinal flexion and articulation are easier and simpler for the spine than extension. Saying that I do try and use the extensors of the body following spinal flexion exercises. This is for the exact reason you mention, i.e. to work the opposite ranges. For instance following a series of abdominal exercises like double leg stretch, single leg stretch, criss cross, I will do the shoulder bridge, which works the hip, shoulder and back extensors. The bottom line, there is a block dedicated to back extension, which I believe is very important, and it does come later in the class. However, there are still ways of working the opposing muscle groups and ranges of motion and this principle is important to keep in mind when compiling a program. I hope this helps.
Rael Isacowitz Thank you very much for your kind, inspiring and motivating words! I appreciate the detailed answer too. I guess I overlooked the extension prowess of exercises like the Shoulder Bridge and confined my thinking of extension to just being the most obvious prone exercises. Your answer will really help me create better training programs, and that is something I still need a lot of work on. All the best to you! I'm looking forward to more of your classes! 
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I had been waiting for a day where I had a full 2 hours to devote to this class - it was excellent! You had me laughing with "you only have one chance today to do the double leg stretch!"  Would love to keep coming back to this one whenever time permits.  Thanks for a fantastic afternoon!
Marissa, I am so pleased the opportunity presented itself and that you enjoyed the class! Thank you for doing it, it's a hard one!!!
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