Lengthening Cadillac Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3360

Lengthening Cadillac Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3360

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This felt really nice I especially like the lay pull downs with the weight from above push thru bar and the neck stretches - that’s wonderful! 
Katherine andElizabeth  thank you for taking class with me and glad you felt some nice moments for your bodies.
Melanie Adele  H
Wonderful class thank you Amy! Although I should have listened when you said make sure someone with you for the last part! I got stuck and gave me housekeeper a good laugh!
Thank you Amy - really loved the supine single arm overhead push-thru - that was surprisingly challenging :) 
Melanie Adele H that's too funny!  Glad someone was there to help you, can you imagine ?!!  Patti S thank you Patti, yes.. that little exercise is harder than it looks!
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Thank you!
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I’ll say it again, fabulous routine, flow. ❤️
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Thank you Summer G and Heidi G !!  Glad to have you here!
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