The Effect of Adhesions
Jennifer Golden
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Thank you very much. Very inspiring and helpful.
All the best.
Thank you! Looking forward to working with these ideas with clients and my own body
Yes Jennifer-you have certainly done your job and inspired me to experiment with these ideas! I am currently studying a fascial approach to movement so it is great to find teachers like yourself who are exploring the possibilities and sharing their knowledge and experiences. I wish you all the very best for your personal journey.
Very inspirational short tutorial.  I hope that you are well beyond your recovery by now and back to full health xxx thank you 
Thank you so much.  This is indeed food for thought.  So many old issues with caesars come back to bite as we age.  Heart surgery and hip replacements are also something for me to consider.  Please bring us more musings maybe with regards to breast cancer surgery.  Just keep talking to us about this topic.  Stay well
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