Abdominal Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3368

Abdominal Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3368

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Kim W
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After a particularly long and stressful week, this class was the calm at the end of the storm. Precise and focused ab work, for sure, but your voice and presentation soothed and reassured me while my abs were shaking. I can always count on you, Amy, to deliver exactly what I need in the way I need it. Hope you’re doing well! Thank you for the classes. Keep ‘‘em coming!
Kim W thank you so much for your kind words about this class and my teaching.  I hope you're doing well too!!  
Jill Y
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I love your classes and everything about the way you teach! This is the best ab class ever ever done! Also love the 30 min classes♥️
Thank you so much for this generous compliment Jill Y !
Taghrid K
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Thank you so much Amy for a Fabulous class, great variations and beautiful soothing calming voice which makes you go through the exercises and not give up. Really felt my abs and waist but felt like a whole body workout.
 Really love your style. I like simple movements that you really feel when you're slow and precise. 
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I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment for me Taghrid K , glad this little class felt good in your body!
Challenging, intelligent work. Thank you for your super effective, super smart system Amy. Great work
Great abdominal workout; thank you so much Amy
I enjoyed this class so much....especially the ab series of 5 with the variations.   It was a really fun class and also a great ab workout.  
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