Mat Warm Up<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3333

Mat Warm Up
Monica Wilson
Class 3333

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Thank you Monica! I always enjoyed watching you teach this warm up with your clients. I'm glad it is here on Pilates Anytime
Cheng Z
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Monica, I just wanted to take a second to thank you *so much* for constructing this beautifully subtle, well-paced, and effective warm-up.  As the pandemic rages on with stress often going in the wrong direction to the disruption of our movement practices, having this as a bankable on-ramp to come back to has been life-saving.  With deep appreciation from a fan!  
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lovely pace thank you
Monica Wilson
Greatly appreciated. Love all around, Monica
Julie Lloyd
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I REALLY learnt a lot from this, just brilliant, thank you Monika. This has helped me isolate tight muscles deep in my pelvis and realise just how much those muscles relate to some heaviness in my lower back due to a past tailbone injury. This is a very effective and helpful session xo
That was a really nice stretch. Will do it more often. Thank you!
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