Creative Foam Roller<br>Jennifer Golden<br>Class 3395

Creative Foam Roller
Jennifer Golden
Class 3395

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I really like the easy breathing cues in this class - not forced breathing - makes a big difference - also the idea of just foam rolling in order to sponge the tissue is very helpful as well 👍
Elissa D
I felt great afterwards, and such a fun class. Thank you!
Chuhang G
There are some nice thoughts about how to use the foam roller, but the class has too many changes of positions and there is zero flow.
Felt great releasing fascia! The movements were just what my body needed today! Thanks 😊
Great flow and cueing thank you so much
wow wee!  Perfect class!
Delightful…thank you
Jennifer, my first PA class with you. Loved it! The foam roller is a perfect prop for opening your spine and massaging the fascia. Nice combination of stretching, strengthening and balance work. Excellent cues. Thank you for an incredible start to my day.
loved this class, thank you
Angela S
Thank you so much Jennifer! This was amazing xoxo
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