Strong Mat Variations<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 3399

Strong Mat Variations
Mariska Breland
Class 3399

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Came back to this one today and remembered why I love the class so much- the "chicken arm roll up" ha! Thanks as always for a great workout!
Giulia C
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Fantastic class!!!!
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Very fine class. Challenging (for me) but doable with a few adaptations!
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What a wonderful class.  Thank you so much!  My body feels like it got a workout, a massage, and a great stretch all at once.   This is just what I needed today.  (And probably most days!) 
First: I didn't find this high intensity. high intensity is something else...It should be labeled as an intermediate mat flow. Second an instructor saying she doesn't like a certain exercise like teaser and four arm plank and make the students do it is not inspiring to me. like she just added Those exercises in the class because they're considered challenging core exercises. 
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great class on a dreary day in DC! 
Billie M It was a very dreary day! Glad you liked it.
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