Returning to the Studio after Brain Trauma (Blog)

Returning to the Studio after Brain Trauma (Blog)

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Thank you Paula.
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It is a hard thing to do. Returning with different expectations. It is a necessary thing to do. Return to Life! Hugs.
Helena B
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Dear Kristi Cooper Thank you for your generosity in sharing a bit of your life. The words that are sticking to me the most are
Home. Finding home and knowing you are there.
My Dad had a TBI (on his bike going to work, hit from the side by a vehicle going 40 mph) this past September. We are facing the potential that he may always need 24 hour care, but those words you wrote give me hope. Maybe I can help him find his "home" and give him as many opportunities as possible to go there.
Liz Fong
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Your courage inspires me Kristi! Thank you for sharing it with us ❀
Helena, I'm very sorry to hear about your father's accident. The road to recovery will likely be long for you all, but every little bit of recognizable home can encourage your father to keep heading towards it. I extend my deepest wishes to you, your father and your whole family.
Thank you Liz Fong. It is my pleasure.
Mirella Martire
Thank you for sharing
Total inspiration
Kristi you are so brave
Love & 😘😘😘for you
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Thank you Kristi! You are a true inspiration. Reading your post, it is as though your words are mine. I've been dealing with aftermath of a long term concussion and wondering if and when I will return to the old me. You made me realize that 'old me' may never return and that is ok. If I trust my training, I will find my way. There is a reason why we're all called here. Thank you!!
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