Connecting to the Mat
Lesley Logan
Class 3465

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Lesley this class is so beautifuly built! I felt new connections to my body by bringing the reformer work to the MAT and that changed EVERYTHING for me ! keeping the chest expansion and the thighs together helped my side kicks for sure and the going up to the rocking was the easiest one I've done to this day. Can't wait for doing some more classes with you !
Lesley , I agree with the comment above ! using the reformer for imagery and cueing changes everything .. Thank you, you are a gifted teacher !1
Deborah Wasko thank you so so much! You and Daniel Refael have made my day!! I am so grateful to share my love for Pilates xx
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I thought this was an excellent class!!! The imagery was so well put. The connection of double leg stretch to elephant was such a game changer!!! Thank you so much! 🙂
Lynnette Yass!!! I love a good game changer! THat connection you made is probably my favorite one to pass along. Thank you so much for taking class with me xx
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Good class but a little confusing for me as I've never used a reformer! 
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Maddy hey girl! First, thank you for taking my class. You're awesome. And, you are totally right. If you've never done a Reformer totally confusing. I have two other Mat classes that I hope you try #2830 #3158  and feel free to ask me anything xx

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Great just did this in my hotel room and I don’t like the mat much as yep it’s like water thrown over me but great to imagine the connection we get with the reformer springs so I loved it thanks !!  Elephant / DLS genius ... there is mat connection hope for me now !!   ✅ 🙌 
Jo YASSSS you MADE MY DAY! That is exactly what I hoped people would experience. Their love of the Reformer but when they only have a mat! WOOHOO! And, yes, that combo thought and the Tendon stretch/open leg rocker one might be my fav. Some day headstands!! Thanks for taking class with me xx

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Thank you for this lovely and challenging class.
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