Building Up to Tendon Stretch<br>Kathy Corey<br>Tutorial 3474

Building Up to Tendon Stretch
Kathy Corey
Tutorial 3474

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Thank you so much for this class on tendon stretch! It is one of my least favorite Pilates exercises because I have never been flexible enough to do it. These exercises leading up to it are great. Thank you again. Loved this.
Wow, this is the best tendon stretch I have ever been able to do! Thank you for the excellent tutorial!
Thank you!! you made it feel effortless, lets see how i go with one red
Merve K
That was great and really helpful!! Thank you!!
Cate D
Wonderful series. So much more helpful to have 'real' bodies i.e. not a student who is already near perfect at the exercise. One learns so much more that way as a teacher.
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