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Thanks for sharing @Sarah! Congrats on the big changes - and the clarity to know what you're delivering with your education background and interest in positive, supportive change. Your clients are luck to have you. How can you be fully present for them as your create your next chapter?
Thank you both for sharing your stories.  I find this a very interesting conversation.  I have had a similar situation going from corporatate to  5 years break to the beginning of a new journey, Pilates.  Please continue sharing your experiences,  Im sure it will open many to ask questions. 
Warm regards
You're very welcome Theresa. How's your journey with Pilates going, given your prior corporate experiences?  
Hello Jared
Thank you for asking.   Lots of learnings on the way.  I love pilates its been a journey to my recovery as well, giving me strength which has helped me to find myself again. I started from scratch at the age of 54.  Its not been easy but I am very determined and dedicated.  I hope to help other women who have gone through cancer and have recovered feel their bodies again.  I still have 1 year to go.  So your experiences and knowledge are very much appreciated.   Thank you and I look forward to your next videos.

Warm regards

Theresa You're welcome - thanks for sharing!  Wow, that's powerful.  What an honor to share your experiences with other women. I'm so glad I can help support.  Keep practicing! 
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Thank you so much for this discussion! I’ve been experiencing burnout for sometime now and I do need to bring joy in! I have a couple of clients that I really need to fire and I don’t know how to do it. 
You're welcome Connie !  Sorry to hear about the burnout - but glad that you're being brave and choosing to WORK on it.  I share some ideas about Clients in the next videos in this series, Get The Clients You Want  and Talk the Talk.  Take a look and let me know if you have any follow-up questions! 
Lina S
I really enjoy these discussions. It relates to values, self-fulfillment, self-care. It's good to have these open, honest discussions; it's good to know other people feel what we can feel sometimes. It dédramatises and alleviate the sense of guilt we can feel sometimes. Thank you!
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