Hip Opening Cadillac<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 3553

Hip Opening Cadillac
Brent Anderson
Class 3553

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Enjoy this session. Since some of the movement was small, I wish the camera was able to up close to some of the movements. Thank you for another idea to open up our tight hips!
I 've really enjoyed to Watch this class !!! Thank you Brent and Meredith
Loved this! Watched this about a year ago and watching it for a second time and learned so much more! Thanks Brent for a great session and excellent teaching!
Love the idea of using the ball (or block) below the sacrum + heel beats with a settled ribcage to open the fronts of the hips. Curious to know how it's successful in helping to open the front hips! Does keeping the ribcage settled + sacrum stable whilst moving the legs at the bottom of ROM really ask the front hips to "relinquish" some grip because of positioning? Something else? Can't wait to get on some equipment to try it!
I like the dolphin move - wondering how he chose to sequence these moves the way he didĀ 
Coming back to this years later there is so much information hereĀ 
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